Professional Update

£ 260.00 each

Regular, accurate, informed and practical comment on UK Agriculture

A highly cost effective way to keep informed and up to date about agricultural policy and other industry developments. 

For 42 years we have published the highly regarded Agricultural Budgeting and Costing Book and are proud of our reputation for producing easy to use, no nonsense information.

What You Will Get


    • QUALITY NOT QUANTITY – we filter the real news from the filler so the issues covered will be relevant and important
    • DEPTH – not just reporting on events, Professional Update provides expert comment and analysis - what it means for you and your clients
    • SPEED – through the online facility you will be informed of any major policy decisions as they occur
    • EASE OF USE – all the material is clearly headed and is subdivided and indexed. Professional Update is a valuable reference tool and the binder provided will allow you to retrieve the information you need with the minimum of effort

The service has 5 elements:

    1. Monthly Bulletins keeping you up to date with developments impacting on UK agriculture and assessing their practical and financial implications
    2. Online Facility see all articles published online so you have access to the information you need immediately
    3. Special reports providing in-depth assessment of topical matters of significant importance. These reports are produced whenever necessary - usually about twice a year
    4. Key Farm Facts two pages, updated every month with all the latest budgeting figures and prices
    5. Hotline and problem solving telephone access to the renowned Business Research team of The Andersons Centre, part of the UK's leading farm business consultancy

Outstanding Value for Money

The Professional Update provides a comprehensive briefing service at a price which represents exceptional value for money. Contact us now to find out how you can start benefiting from the most accurate, timely and unbiased briefing service available.

5 reasons why you should subscribe to ABC Professional Update Service:


    1. it keeps you up to date and fully informed
    2. you get the answers you need, not just the theory
    3. saves you time
    4. real and rapid solutions to your problems
    5. new opportunities to provide additional services to your clients