ABC Budgeting & Costings Book 84th Edition May 2017

£ 47.00 each

The No.1 source of Farm Management Information for the UK.
The Green Book is the "Industry Standard" for today's agricultural and rural businesses.

Designed to save you time, it is concise, clear and easy to use.a

It is completely revised every six months to keep you fully up to date.
The contents include:

♦  full gross margins for all combinable crops, plus sensitivity analysis   
♦  estimates of future seasons' returns    
♦  root vegetables and fruit margins   
♦  gross margins for various types of dairy systems, plus unit costs of production data   
♦  beef, sheep, pig and poultry returns, all with sensitivity analysis   
♦  the most conclusive range available in any hand book of alternative crop and livestock figures   
♦  data on many non-farming income sources   
♦  fully updated and comprehensive section on the workings of the SPS and all other grant schemes   
♦  variable input prices   
♦  fixed costs - labour, machinery and contracting costs plus whole farm fixed costs   
♦  overview of taxation as it affects farms and rural businesses   
♦  cost of capital   
♦  a summary of the legislation affecting agriculture   
♦  land prices and rents   
♦  market indecies and trends   
♦  a vast array of general reference information for the agricultural industry

Subscription to the 84th (May 2017) edition and 85th (November 2017) edition is available for £81. Please click here.